About Us

2013-07-11 15.09.22Summitt has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right!

Summitt Forests Inc. is wholly owned by Scott Nelson and has been operating as a forestry company throughout the Western U.S. for over 30 years.  Summitt has successfully completed thousands of forestry contacts for government agencies and private land owners – on time and in budget.  Our goals are to complete each and every contract with the highest regard to quality, and to be financially competitive in today’s tight economic climate.

Summitt Forests Inc. has key people with numerous years of experience with all types of hand, and light mechanical forestry applications.  Summitt’s workforce includes an office and management staff of 15, up to 200 field personnel, and the most updated equipment in the industry. With between 10 and 15 crews operating at one time, we are more than adequate to complete the largest or the smallest of forestry jobs.  Summitt completes hundreds of contracts each year that involve forest health improvement projects such as; fuels reduction, piling, chipping, thinning, tree planting, mastication, small tree removal, slash piling, pruning, herbicide and pesticide applications, along with many other types of projects.  The work has been divided between urban interface settings and forest settings.  Federal and State government agencies continue to be our largest clients as Summitt completes millions of dollars of contracts yearly with those agencies.

Our chain of command follows standard business lines, with Scott Nelson as Owner/President.  He is responsible for bidding, negotiations, personnel allocation, and generally oversees the entire contract operation.  Dinah Walker is the office/systems manager overseeing insurance, billing, and accounting.   Barry Ledbetter is the operations manager who aids in the organization of crews.  He is also in charge of the burning and firefighting operations.  Celestino Rodriguez is the personnel safety manager and qualified trainer.  Perfecto Ledesma, Angel Alcauter, Gorgonio Ibarra, and Ron Schmelzer are the field estimators and operations managers with their feet on the ground where the projects take place.  David Cyphers is our Chief Forester with over 30 years of experience.  Everett Meade is the shop manager who maintains and oversees the equipment and vehicles.

Summitt can provide prices for our services by the acre or by the hour.  Please contact us with any questions or for a price quote.