Plantation Maintenance

sfthinning2Protect your newly planted trees from vegetation competition and animal damage with Summitt Forests Inc.

In addition to actually planting new forests with our tree planting services, Summitt has completed many thousands of acres of various types of plantation maintenance projects in order to provide strong and viable future forests.  Any service needed to keep planted seedlings alive and thriving are what we specialize in supplying. Such services include anything from animal control device installation to herbicide applications and vegetation control.  Private land owners and government agencies all over the Western US have hired Summitt Forests for the care of their new plantations due to our experience, top quality work, and competitive pricing.

Plantation Services

Bud Capping
Big Game Repellant
Survival Surveys


Over 10 Experienced Crews of 10 to 20 People Each
A fleet of 4X4 Vans and Pick-Up Trucks
Large Flatbed and Stake Side Trucks to Haul Supplies
Several Licensed Applicators
Many Lock Boxes for Pest Bait and Chemical Storage
200 Grubbing and Scalping Tools
Trained and Competent Technicians

Gopher Control
Herbicide and Pesticide Applications

Summitt can provide prices for the services by the acre or by the hour.  Please contact us with any questions or for a price quote.

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