Tree Planting

replanterEnsure your future forest is planted to grow and thrive with Summitt Forests Inc.

Summitt Forests plants thousands of acres of seedlings every year for our valued clients, including private timberland owners and government agencies.  We can provide several crews of 10 to 20 people each and all of the equipment necessary to complete the work in a timely manner with the highest regard to quality.  Summitt can haul the seedlings in insulated tree trailers, can provide custom built “tree seedling yarding machines” that are mounted on 4X4 flatbed trucks which allow us to access hard to reach areas with much higher efficiency.  Summitt has experienced inspectors who can monitor the planting to increase the quality of the work and submit quantifiable results.  Our experience has included a variety of methods which can be custom tailored to the specific site conditions.

Planting Methods

Planting Inspections
Seedling Hauling

Planting Resources

200 Hoedads
50 Planting Augers
100 Planting Shovels
50 Planting Bars
Many Insulated Tree Trailers
300  Planting Bags
Several UTVs and ATVs
Yarding Machines
A fleet 4×4 Vans and Trucks

Summitt also provides Plantation Maintenance for the care that newly planted seedlings need to survive and grow.

Summitt can provide prices for the services by the acre, by the tree or by the hour. Please contact us with any questions or for a price quote.