Tree Thinning, Slashing & Release

Create a vibrant and fast growing plantation with Summitt Forests Inc.

Summitt Forests Inc. has been contracting for over 30 years, completing hundreds of pre-commercial thinning, slashing and release projects for private companies and government agencies all over the United States.  We operate over 10 thinning and release crews of 10 to 15 people each who have experience with chainsaw operations in a forest setting.  In addition to cutting unwanted trees and brush, and where prescribed, crews prune leave trees to increase the value of the existing stand, or to reduce the potential for ladder fuels and crown fires.  Our crews cut competitive trees and brush that if left untreated would keep the desired crop trees from reaching their potential.

Specialized Project Types

Pre-Commercial Thinning
Plantation Release
Brush Cutting

Thinning Resources

200 Chainsaws
50 Brush saws / Weed cutters
200 Various Pruning Saws and Loppers
Several Power Pruning Pole Saws
Fleet of 4X4 Vans and Trucks
Several UTVs and ATVs

Summitt can provide prices for the services by the acre or by the hour.  Please contact us with any questions or for a price quote.