Herbicide Applications


Protect and enhance your plantations, timber stands, high value trees and reduce the costs with Summitt Forests Inc.

Our crews have successfully completed thousands of acres of herbicide applications to reduce the competition with seedlings and timber stands.  Methods used have included hack and squirt, cut stump, basal, foliar and other treatments in forest lands, as well as applications in open grass lands, wetlands and aquatic areas for weed eradication.  We have successfully treated high value trees with pesticides to ensure survival.  Our crews are led by foremen and licensed applicators that have many years of experience and knowledge.  Our equipment is the best in the industry, due to the fact that our shop personnel have been able to custom build our equipment to meet the special needs required for forestry, weed, and hand applications.  We have developed a system that reduces the amount of walking time needed by the crew when refilling their backpacks.  Summitt has also used ATVs and truck applications on many of our projects.  We operate as many as 8 application crews of 2 to 20 people on a crew at a time.  The number of people per crew is dependent on the work ordered.  Summitt has the expertise and experience to complete any task in a professional, timely, safe, and cost effective manner, with a high regard to quality.

Spray Applications

Plantation Release
Site Preparation
Noxious Weed Eradication
High Value Tree Spraying
Foliar Treatments
Hack and Squirt
Basal Bark Treatments
Spot Gun Treatments
Licensed Applicators

Several People Licensed in Many Western States
Licensed in Several Midwestern and Eastern States

Herbicide and Pesticide Resources

Summitt has created the best equipment in the industry by manufacturing our own power hose reels that allow us to extend 1500 feet or more from roadways into work areas with high pressure hydraulic hose and retrieve it in a matter of minutes.  Our pumps and hoses can deliver up to 600 pounds of pressure to reach greater distances, and to reach up to 60 feet or more in height when needed.  The hose has an automotive type trigger valve similar to a gas pump for quick filling backpack sprayers off road with no spilling.  These items allow us to get the chemicals to the workers with minimal down time for walking to get chemical, or to spray high into target trees. This process enables us to produce more per man and should lessen administrative costs by either shortening the time for the job or by using fewer crews to get the job done in the time allotted.  During roadside application, our trucks have 2 hoses so that work can be accomplished on each side of the road at the same time.  All of our batch systems have pump generated agitation within the batch tank to keep chemicals well mixed.  Our goal has been to successfully treat areas at highly reduced costs.

200+Backpack Sprayers
Solo 4 gallon diaphragm style sprayers with in tank pressure regulators.

Six Wheeler ATV and System –  8 total.
3 – 2010 Polaris Ranger 6X6 with 100 gal. tank, two reels,100 foot hose, D30 Hypro pump.
2 – 2012 Polaris Ranger 4X4 with 50 gal. tank, reel, 100 feet of hose, D30 Hypro pump.
3 – 2011 Honda 4X4 Quads with 35 gal. batch tank with gravity feed hose.

Batch Spray Trucks – 4 total.
Each has a 500 gal. Batch tank, auto hose reel, 1200-2000 feet of 800psi 3/4 hose and
D50 Hypro pump.
1 – 2008 Chev. 3500 4×4 batch truck
1 – 2003 GMC 4×4 batch truck
1 – 2005 Ford F550 4×4 batch truck
1 – 2006 GMC Topkick 4×4 batch truck

Water Trailers – 7 Total.
Each has a 300 gal. Per min transfer and draft pump.  One or two 500 gallon aluminum baffled tanks and 3x3x6 storage box.
2 – 1999 1000 gal. Water trailers
2 – 1998 1000 gal. Water trailers
1 – 1999 500 gal. Water trailer
1 – 1999 600 gal. Water trailer
1 – 2003 1400 gal. Water trailer

Water Tender
1990 Freightliner 2500 gal., 400 gal.  Per min transfer and draft pump.

Boom Sprayer
Mountable on Truck, ATV, or Trailer
Rears 12 foot boom with adjustable nozzles and breakaway manifold with splitting capabilities for left / right / center, 50 gallon stainless steel tank, 5 hp Honda gas powered motor, DV30 Diaphragm Pump

GPS Data Collection Units
Garmin; Etrex Legend, Oregon 400T, Montana 650T, 62s, Trimble; Juno 3B and GeoExplorer

Summitt can provide prices for the services by the acre, by the hour, by the tree or as desired by the client.  Please contact us with any questions or for a price quote.