Fire & Fuels Management

fireWhen fire strikes, or manpower and equipment are needed for controlled burns, choose Summitt Forests.

Summitt’s firefighting and burn crews are led by experienced and qualified burn bosses who have many years of experience with the federal government and private industry.  Summitt has type 2 and type 3 burn bosses as well as Ignition, Holding, and Mop-Up Specialists.  Our burn crews are qualified under NWCG Standards and are strictly monitored by our fire management staff to be safe, efficient, and effective.  The burn and firefighting crews can perform a number of wildland fire activities throughout the United States.  Our Crew Bosses have burned and fought fires in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah.

Pile Burning

Broadcast Burning
Fire line Construction
Wildland Fire Suppression

Fire and Fuels Resources

2 Type 2 20 person suppression and Burn Crews
40 Drip Touches
2 Type 6 (300 gallon) Wildfire Engines
2 Type 4 (750 gallon) Wildfire Engines
2 Type 2 (2500 gallon) Wildfire Engines
John Deere 550G Dozer
Firefighting Hand Tools and Specialty Equipment

Summitt can provide prices for the services by the acre or by the hour. Please contact us with any questions or for a price quote.