Hazardous Fuels Reduction


Protect your forest and property with Summitt Forests Inc.

Summitt Forests Inc. specializes in all types of fuels reduction including; tree and brush thinning, slash piling, pruning, chipping, mastication, pile burning, small tree removal, and fuel breaks.  Our crews complete thousands of acres each year in urban interface settings to ensure the safety of people and property. In outland forest settings, fuel breaks are established to protect the value of timber and the integrity of the ecosystem.  Forest environments are sometimes manipulated to increase the habitat for wildlife and to control water temperatures in riparian systems.  Roadsides are treated to reduce the potential for man caused fires.  Each crew provided can be custom sized to fit the job at hand, from to 10 to 25 people per crew.

Fuels Treatments

Chainsaw Cutting, Trees and Brush
Brush and Weed Cutting
Fuel Breaks
Slash Piling, Hand & Mechanical Mastication
Small Tree Removal
Pile Burning

Fuels Resources

200 Chainsaws
50 Brush saws / Weed cutters
200 Various Pruning Saws and Loppers
10 Power Pruning Pole Saws
15 and 18 Inch Bandit Chippers
22 Inch Self-Propelled Chipper
Skid-Steer w/Grapple Bucket & Fecon Mastication
Vimek Forwarder
John Deer 550 G Dozer
40 Drip Torches
Type 2, 4, and 6 engines

Summitt can provide prices for the services by the acre or by the hour. Please contact us with any questions or for a price quote.